My Story

Hi and welcome to my about page :)
Thank you for visiting my little Blushe boutique. My name is Emily and I am the owner and founder of Blushe.

Blushe started in 2015 as my creative outlet from my corporate job. By day I am an Accountant and by night I am an Entrepreneur.

Ever since I was young, my dream has been to open up my own business and make people happy. Blushe has allowed me to make women feel happy and beautiful through dressing up and looking pretty.

When I was younger, I was the typical nerd with glasses and braces. I didn't feel 'pretty' so from a young age I had low self esteem. But as I was growing up I began to wear make-up and pretty dresses which really boosted my confidence.

I hope with Blushe I can help make women feel pretty, beautiful and confident in who they are as well. A piece of advise from a friend that I will never forget is 'never change who you are'. It really encouraged me to stay true to who I am and stopped me from changing to 'fit in'.

Enjoy your stay at Blushe boutique and I hope you'll find something that will make you feel pretty, beautiful and confident today. Thank you for reading my about page and story 

Love, Emily xx